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I have dreamed of owning a restored / modified early model Ford Bronco most of my adult life. I found a picture of a Bronco that I kept for years as my " Dream Car ".  It had the color and modifications that I wanted to someday call my own.  I browsed and shopped the Internet for restored Broncos for many months in search of a vehicle that could come close to my picture. Shopping for a late model Bronco on-line became a hobby of mine, but I always feared the risk involved in purchasing a restored vehicle not knowing exactly what type of work had been done, how it had been done..... and by whom!?!

While on vacation, I found Brian and his team at  I had seen and heard of custom Bronco shops, but never imagined that one of these beautiful vehicles could be built to my personal specifications anywhere near my budget.  I sent Brian the picture of my "Dream Car" and, after some preliminary discussions, received a good faith estimate on what it would take to create what I wanted.  To my surprise, I could build exactly what I wanted in the same price range as those being sold over the Internet, and without the risks and unknowns associated with restored vehicles.

Not having a background in automobiles, I relied heavily on Brian's experience and honest advice to specify the items on my vehicle.  Brian explained areas where I could save money to make sure I was getting the most of what I wanted within my budget, rather then trying to " up-sell " options that I could not afford.  The amazing thing about working with Brian and his team was their patience with me as a customer doing business with them from over 600 miles away.

I always felt like part of the process by receiving regular updates via email, pictures from the shop, and even short videos towards the end of the build.  I now have a complete photo history of my Bronco, which only adds to the value as a restoration project.  If you are interested in owning a restored or modified early model Ford Bronco, but aren't comfortable with the risk involved in buying a restored vehicle, I would highly recommend you contact Brian. This has been one of the most fun and satisfying consumer experiences of my life.  Thank you to Brian and his team at well done and first class all the way!!


Dan Tilley
Charlotte, North Carolina

Brian Banfield
Build A Bronco
1617 Pratt Street Marshall, MI 49068
(517) 583-1111

1617 Pratt Street Marshall, MI 49068 = (517) 583-1111



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